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Setup google login

to setup google login system in the script you have to create google console api credential first. follow below step to get those credentials

Step 01:

go to site and login to your gmail account go get access to the google cloud console.

Step 02:

now create a new project.

Step 03:

give all the details required for create a project

Step 04:

now click on select project and select your newly created project

Step 05:

now go to api overview from your project dashboard

Step 06:

click on credential then select oAuth client ID

Step 07:

if you dod not have o auth consent screen setup you have to setup it first, then you can create a credentials

Step 08:

now we need to create credentials, give name and and add your domain, in authorized redirect url add, do not get to replace with your actual domain.

Step 09:

now go to your website admin dashboard for add google oAuth client id and client secret, go to “General settings > third Party script” if you see google login disable then enable it and add google oauth crendetials.

that’s all for setup google login in xgenoius cms

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