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if you want to use paypal in your cms, you have to setup your payal gateway settings. Go to “General settings>Payment Gateway Settings > paypal settings”.

you have to create an app for paypal api, you can check this article for know more about create app in paypal.
Create or edit sandbox and live apps

Here is paypal supported Currency List, if your currency is not supported by paypal, then this cms will charge them in USD as per your give conversation rate in currency settings.


Available Currency For Paypal

  • Enable Test Mode: by this you can enable paypal sandbox for testing payment.
  • Enable/Disable Paypal: you can enable/disable paypal payment gateway in the cms.
  • Paypal Logo: you can set you selected paypal logo, which will be shown in frontend for user to select payment gateway.
  • Paypal App Client ID: enter paypal app client id ( or paypal marchant id ), this is mandatory to work paypal in this cms
  • Paypal App Secret: enter paypal app secret, this is mandatory to work paypal in this cms
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