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Apple Sign-In setup

Only works for v1.0.7 and after

01. You will need to add apple sign in for your app in app store.

02. Open project/ios folder in XCode.

03. Click on “Runner“-> “Signing & Capabilities“-> “+ Capability“. Select “Sign in with Apple” and enter.

04. Go to and click on plus icon.

05. Provide a name, check the Sign in with apple apple option then click “Configure“. In “Configure” select your app id then click “Save“. Then Click “Continue” in the register a new key page.

06. Click on the key you just created

07. We will need the key id later

08. Go to provide the info according to below then copy the encoded key from the left side.

In Header: 
  "alg": "HS256",
  "typ": "JWT",
  "kid": "Your Key ID"

In Payload:
    "iss": "Your 10-character Team ID associated with your developer account",
    "iat": 20231011345,
    "exp": 31536000,
    "aud": "",
    "sub": "App ID"

in iat: your project creation date in UTC
in exp: Expiration date for this JWT in seconds. Exp: if its six months then 15777000 seconds

09. Open project/lib/view/utils/config.dart and provide the JWT in as the client secret.

10. You should be able to use Apple Sign-In now and on account deletion the user’s apple id should get revoked.

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