Manual SMTP Setup

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Manual SMTP Setup

Smtp settings is a much needed settings you need to with the cms, without setup your smtp and google captcha none of website form will work.

to set your own smtp settings manually, open “@core > .env” file and change blow settings


you have to set all of these field in smtp settings with your proper info

  • Smtp Mailer: set one from those as your smtp mailer or you can say smtp driver
    • SMTP
    • Mailgum
    • SendMail
    • PostMark
  • Smtp Mail Host: enter you smtp mail host
  • Smtp Mail Port: select your smtp mail port from list
    • 587
    • 465
    • 2525
  • Smtp Mail Username: enter your smtp username or webmail address
  • Smtp Mail Password: enter your smtp password or webmail password
  • Smtp Mail Encryption: select smtp encryption type
    • SSL
    • TLS
    • None

that’s all from your smtp setup.

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