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Setup facebook login

To add your own facebook login system to the script you need to create an facebook app. for that follow below steps

Step 01:

login to your facebook and go to

Step 02:

now click on my apps button

Step 03:

now click on create app

Step 04:

select app type, select consumer and click continue

Step 05:

give info for your app

Step 06:

now go to facebook login settings area

Step 07:

now you have to setup your facebook callback url, your facebook login call will, do not forget to change your actual domain with

Step 08:

now go to settings > basic settings

Step 09:

add your app domain and your email, remember your app domain must be your website url.

Step 10:

add platform select website

Step 11:

add website url to Platform

Step 12:

now you have to add your facebook app id and app secret to your website admin panel, for this go to “General Settings > third party scripts”

if facebook login is not enable, then enable it and add facebook app id and app secret

that’s it, facebook login setup is done.

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