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Changes Logs

Date: August 18, 2023

Version: 1.2.0

[Added] New one theme
[Added] WooCommerce module (Paid Plugin)
[Added] Plan wise payment gateway in admin sidebar
[Added] Particular script load from landlord to all tenant site
[Added] Image optimization for landlord and tenant
[Added] Landlord to tenant direct login system
[Added] Landlord to user dashboard direct login system
[Added] User to tenant admin panel direct login system
[Added] Plan purchase system direct from user dashboard
[Added] All tenant list with their status in landlord admin panel
[Added] Integration module added
[Added] On switch theme demo data import
[Added] Failed tenant auto cleanup
[Added] Site Health detector
[Added] Topbar settings added for some specific tenant theme
[Added] New one pagebuilder addon added for landlord
[Added] New hooks added for Plugin development

[Fixes] Product subcategory and child category are optional now
[Fixes] Shipping price bug fix
[Fixes] Product review issue fix
[Fixes] Landlord and tenant invoice issue fix
[Fixes] Create tenant customer account while checkout issue fix
[Fixes] Some RTL issue fix
[Fixes] Some CSS issue fix
[Fixes] Landlord and tenant timezone issue fix
[Fixes] Tenant product variant and attribute bug fix
[Fixes] Currency settings translation issue fix
[Fixes] SEO optimized

Date: 26 June 2023

Version: 1.1.3

[Added] SalesReport Added
[Added] New Theme Added (Casual)
[Added] Webhook Added
[Added] Automatic Update Support Added

[fixed] Payment Related Bug Fix
[fixed] Subscription Related Bug Fix
[fixed] Design Fix

Date: 05 June 2023

Version: 1.1.2

[added] New theme added
[added] Shared hosting support added
[added] Failed tenant management feature added
[added] Assign subscription with desired theme feature added
[added] Buy subscription with selected theme featured added

[fixed] Price plan based theme and payment gateway issue fixed
[fixed] Tenant trial account creation issue fixed 

Date: 11th May 2023

Version: 1.1.1

[Added] Landlord admin can include coupon, digital product, custom domain
[Added] newsletter, testimonial, app api permission in any price plan
[Added] Landlord admin can include specific themes in any price plan
[Added] Landlord admin can include specific payment gateways in any price plan
[Added] Landlord user/tenant can select themes while subscribe to any plan
[Added] New Mobile App Api Added

[Fixed] Tenant product related bug fix
[Fixed] Landlord user subscription related bug fix
[Fixed] Database engine related bug fix

Date: 6th May 2023

Version: 1.1.0

[Added] Tenant Mobile App Api Added
[Added] Digital Product added
[Added] Price plan based digital product system added
[Added] New theme added
[Added] GDPR added
[Added] Database engine selection option added
[Added] Custom payment gateway support for landlord user wallet
[Added] Custom payment gateway menu support added
[Added] Canonical Meta tag option added

[improvements] Separate payment gateway option updated
[fixed] Campaign bug fixed
[fixed] Language related bug fixed
[fixed] Landlord subscription related bug fixed
[fixed] Design updated and bug fixed

Date: 8th March 2023

Version: 1.0.3

[added] new theme added
[added] Description filed added in price plan
[added] Tenant re-create system added

[fixed] Tenant creation bug fix
[fixed] Tenant dummy data import bug fixed
[fixed] Campaign product update bug fixed
[fixed] Blog show error fix in admin panel
[fixed] Text high lighting bug fixed
[fixed] Custom JS issue fixed
[fixed] few others untracked issue fixed

Date: 15th February 2023

Version: 1.0.2

[added] Custom Theme Support - From now you can build your own custom theme
[added] Custom Addon Support - You can add more custom addons for pagebuilder
[added] Custom Widget Support - You can add more widget in the widget builder
[added] Custom Module/Plugin Support - Now you can add or create any new [added] custom feature using our custom module/plugin support
[added] Custom Menu Support - You can add your custom menu for any module
[added] Custom Payment Gateway Support - Now you can add your payment gateway using custom payment gateway support

[fixed] Translation Issue Fixed
[fixed] RTL Issue Fixed
[fixed] Slider Issue for RTL Fixed
[fixed] Campaign Update Issue Fixed
[fixed] SEO Render Issue Fixed
[fixed] Flutterwave, Paystack and Mollie Payment Gateway Issue Fixed
[fixed] Third Party Script Issue Fixed
[fixed] Cache Clear Issue Fixed
[fixed] Maintenance Settings Fixed

Date: 24th January 2023

Version: 1.0.1

[added] Wallet blocking system added
[added] Price plan description added
[added] default username and password for new tenant system added

[fixed] Frontend and backend RTL and translation fixed
[fixed] 3rd party script field fixed
[fixed] Disabled payment gateway was showing - fixed
[fixed] checkout page issues fixed
[fixed] default theme for new tenant - fixed
[fixed] new tenant register email bug fixed
[fixed] product details page design issue for mobile fixed
[fixed] navbar static menu item issue fixed
[fixed] register and email verify redirection issue fixed
[fixed] email verify enble and disable fixed
[fixed] guest product order system enable and disable fixed
[fixed] cash on delivery order list preview fixed
[fixed] color issue fixed
[fixed] breadcrumb image update issue fixed
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