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live Chat

this cms has option to add live chat via if you want to use you have to configure it for your cms. follow below step to add your own account and integrate it to the cms.

Step 01: go to and click sign up free button to open a new account. sign up free

Step 02: Create a completely free account.

create a free account

Step 03: select your language and lick next

language selection

Step 04: enter your property details, it will ask you about your website title your website url and widget name

set live chat widget details

Step 05: Team Members, Invite your coworkers and set their access level.
An Admin can configure and customize settings, an Agent can only answer chats and tickets

add team members

Step 06: install widget

install widget or widget code

Step 07: copy marked embed code in to website admin panel “General Settings > third party scripts” API Widget Code. paste copied embed code to the field. api widget code

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