How to configure cron job in OVHcloud?

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How to configure cron job in OVHcloud?

to configure cron job login to your OVH account go to your the server page, then click on more button and then click on cron button.

now click on Add a scheduling button to create a new cron job. follow the screenshots below

Step 01: set file as this screenshot is showing, set php version to 8.1, check the enable box then click on next.

Step 02: click on basic mode , set hours , days, days of the week, month

Step 03: click on confirm button

now create a file name cron.php in www folder.

add below content into the file

$_SERVER['argv'] = [
// On lance artisan
require __DIR__.'/@core/artisan';

that’s all to configure cron job in OVHCloud server..

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